The “Wu Way” of Addition

2 thoughts on “The “Wu Way” of Addition

  1. This is the way I have always added. I remember I use to get penalized in elem class for not showing my work, yet I could get correct answers more quickly than my class mates. Never counted to my credit though– cause I couldn’t show my work. And as a result I always felt like I was poor at math. Turns out it was a strength. Never knew until college though.

    What do we do to kids.

    oh and btw.. I simply think..
    48 + 34=
    40 = 30 = 70
    8 + 4 = 12
    then I count by tens.. 70 and 10 more 80 and 2
    answer is 82

    See I can show my work now.

  2. @Sheryl-It is absolutely a strength. It shows a good sense of “number.” By decomposing two-digit numbers into tens and ones and then recomposing is a sophisticated strategy and shows student thinking.

    Your last comment about adding tens and then ones then recomposing tens is how we want students to compute mentally.

    Unfortunately by going to far to the extremes (math wars) adults are hurting, not helping students. It should be about best practice and building on student understanding not page 1 of a text because it is the first day of school.

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