Skrbl-What Kind of Potential for Students?

Skrbl is a collaborative tool that acts as a whiteboard. You can type text, write, upload pictures and files to the board. People can join in by going to the url that has been set-up. You can publish the session (and update it as well) and people will be able to refer back to it. The best part of this is that this is a multi-user platform. People can collaborate in real time unlike wikispaces where it can only be updated one at a time.

Click here to see a published Skrbl page. Click here to see a TeacherTube video for a demo on using Skrbl in an English class.


As you can see in the top left corner of the Skrbl page there are File, My skrbls, text symbol, pencil symbol, and people symbol. Th efile option allows you to same Skrbl as html, upload pics and files, email invite, save print view, and access to files, pics, and urls already saved on Skrbl. If you notice the the url it is That is where people would go to collaborate on that particular project. Each project can be saved and published with a different url. One problem I saw is that when the page is published the uploaded file did not appear. I sent feedback to them and I am currently waiting for a response.

What are it’s implications for students and in particular students in math class? Right away I could see Skrbl being used as part of a project that the students are working on in math. Let’s say they are collecting data, saving that data in a spreadsheet. As well, they are collecting information on the internet. All of this can be shared in one place. Students can plan to meet on the site at a specific time to work on it outside of school. Skrbl could be used in a teacher directed way as well. If a teacher is using a presentation, a worksheet, etc. that could be uploaded to the site for students who may have missed class. You could then have an exchange of ideas at a time that is convenient for all. Or maybe classes are working collaboratively across town or from a different district, they could be work together during the day on a project/lesson/activity.

What ideas do you have? I would be interested to hear.

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