Pure Joy

This is why we are put here on this earth. To help create and be a part of moments where nothing matters. Nothing matters except being in and enjoying the moment. Life is a series of moments. We have the ability to create positive or negative moments.

I want more of this at home.

I want more of this at the schools I “educate” in.

I want more of this on a daily basis for everyone.

Screencast-Awesome App

This is my first post using the WordPress.com site. This was not going to be my first post, I just saw a Tweet from ijohnpederson.

It said; “If you purchased Leopard, THIS is why you did. http://www.varasoftware.com/products/screenflow/.”

He wasn’t kidding. Awesome app! You can add video to your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

As it says on the site; “ScreenFlow is a complete workflow for creating screencasts: powerful enough to capture your desktop, video camera, microphone & computer audio at the same time.

Edit your recording inside ScreenFlow, then publish the finished movie to your website or blog.”

Click on the link above to find out more.